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About us

The beginning

Well we were back from Sydney for a brief holiday summer of 2010. The weather was ace and Ireland looked its beautiful best. There was a sign in 10 South Lotts Road saying “To Let”. It looked like it might have potential but the shell (and that’s all it was) needed some serious love. A plan was hatched, and offer was made and accepted and we were off. A move back from Sydney ensued, and the wheels were in motion.

The move

Colour schemes, fit outs, tiles, suppliers, a bank loan and bills, bills, bills were the order of the day. The doors opened in late September 2010 and its been a whirlwind ever since. I think I clocked up 175 days in a row since that 1st day. We have grown steadily, met some amazing customers, had some interesting staff but most of all have enjoyed going to work. The compliment we receive most often is that its like being in someone’s kitchen.

I wanted staff to feel connected to the fun part of the café business which for me is chatting to customers. If you are in a kitchen out the back of a café you don’t have that. Its tricky sometimes cooking and chatting but we have got good at it.


Well we opened our doors in late September 2010 on a bright sunny day not really knowing what was going to happen. We went with the flow, listened to what customers wanted and put it all out there. Its seems like 12 months ago but its been a fun ride. We started with 2 staff and now have 12. We have had cookery evenings, private parties and we ran our really successful evening service with Richard Gleeson at the helm from September to Christmas 2012. Our regulars make it a fun place to work and without them we wouldnt be here today. We have a great little foodie hub and the future looks bright….

Our Ethos

At Foodgame we serve up tasty home cooked grub.
We make almost everything in house including all cakes, scones, soups, salads, pies and sauces.

We even make the delicious soda bread we serve at weekends.

Our Suppliers

We use locally sourced fresh produce wherever possible. Find our full list of suppliers here »


Our sister company Raglan opened on 56-58 Drury Street, Dublin in August 2014.

Raglan combines great coffee with fresh urban lifestyle brands and benefits from the combined strengths of both Ross Staunton and Amy Hamilton.
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